Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Importance of Communication as a Business Professional Research Paper

The Importance of Communication as a Business Professional - Research Paper Example Organizations that have understood the due role of culture have also realized the extent to which culture can have a positive or a negative effect. If employees from different cultural backgrounds interact with one another, there are bound to be problems that the organization might see. This is because each one of these employees has a separate language that they are expert within, and understand their peculiar nuances than others would. Also they would find it difficult to comprehend the severely different gestures and emotions which are communicated by people at work. Because of this, there could be confusions and grievances amongst the people (Brenton, 2005). This is quite natural because cultural settings are drafted in such a way. What is even more compelling is the manner under which different employees and business personnel have an insight regarding the use of a common language – a language that shall be the medium of instruction. It is the basis of knowing which phras es and sentences will be spoken of at work and what words and syntax to avoid. It will also decipher the proper role of grammar and spelling and not to forget the specific inputs from the people who are experienced at work. Such cultural settings essentially leave an indelible impression on the minds of the employees who are doing their best to communicate with one another. The need is to find out where anomalies are and what best can be done to avoid such shortcomings and mistakes. There is a dire need to have the best possible understanding with regards to different cultures under the aegis of communication because these set the basis for productivity to flourish within the domains of an organization. In entirety, the effects of culture on communication are quintessential to understand because these pinpoint the need to inquire about the kind of work which needs to be undertaken and the expressions that must be avoided at all costs. The balancing act actually makes for a good reas oning of the subject at hand. The Importance of a Business Plan When Starting a New Business A business plan decides beforehand how a business shall be set up. It dictates the essential basis of a business and the dos and don’ts that the business has to undertake. What it also takes into perspective is the amount of inputs that need to be considered for running a business and the stakeholders who shall benefit from it in the long run. A business plan is indeed a formal statement which defines a set of business goals and the objectives that are in close association with one another. It mentions the reasons why these business goals are deemed as attainable and how these shall go ahead and make the business a competitive one within the relevant industrial settings. Also the plans for reaching the desired points are specified beforehand so that the business plans are taken as comprehensive and all-covering from a number of different angles and perspectives (Morden, 1995). The bus iness plan also highlights the background knowledge regarding the business and the manner under which the organization or the business team is doing its best to attain those goals and objectives. It must be remembered here that business plans take care of a number of decisions that are made within their fore. The business plan therefore finds a way to attain the tasks which would have been difficult to analyze and understand when the business was being started. It gives a pathway to define things in an outright way. It also sets the

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